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** SALE ** Salty Dog Sea Salt Soap
** SALE ** Salty Dog Sea Salt Soap

** SALE ** Salty Dog Sea Salt Soap

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9Our Salty Dog soap is made using Australian Red Reef Clay and Himalayan Sea Salt. 

Red Reef Clay is perfect to give your skin a wonderful glow. It’s high iron content and essential minerals help to revitalize the skin to create soft and healthy looking skin.

Himalayan Sea Salt is hand-mined and harvested from ancient salt beds, deep under the Himalayan Mountains. Known to be rich in over 80 minerals and trace elements, some of the most notable being calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron, this salt is considered to be the purest form of salt available and is popularly known for its use in baths to promote relaxation of the body, and for its refreshing and energizing effects.

Salty Dog has a high glycerine content due to the added salt so bars will leak naturally occurring glycerine, this is normal.

Scented in a smooth earth tobacco plant musk.

All of our soaps are handmade from scratch in small batches for quality. Vegan Ingredients: 

Aqua(Water),Saponified Sodium Cocoate(Coconut Oil),Sodium Canolate(Rapeseed Oil)Glycine Soja Sodium Soybeanate(Soybean Oil), Sodium Palmate (Sustainable Palm oil), Australian Red Reef Clay, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Fragrance 3oz